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Landlord-Tenant Disputes

The Cronfel Firm has experience dealing with landlord/tenant issues both from the perspective of the landlord and from the perspective of the tenant, including but not limited to those issues described above.  We are always willing and able to put that experience to work for you in exploring the best solutions available for your landlord/tenant disputes.

A number of issues can arise within the landlord/tenant contractual relationship which so many individuals and/or businesses face, as landlords or tenants.  There can be actions for forcible detainer, retaliatory eviction, suits by landlords to recover unpaid rents, suits by tenants for failure by the landlord to provide the conditions the tenant contracted for and many, many others.

One example of a potential tenant issue is that of the security deposit.  When a tenant rents or leases an apartment or office complex, he/she is required to give a leasing or security deposit.  The amount varies but is often one month’s or a portion of one month’s rent. When that tenant moves out, he/she should be fully reimbursed the security deposit and should the landlord fail to return the deposit as required by law,  the Texas Property Code provides legal remedies for the return of that deposit.  Many times a landlord will fail to abide by the provisions of the property code governing the return of security deposits by failing to provide an accounting of deductions or through wrongful withholding of all or a portion of the deposit.  In cases such as these a tenant may be entitled to the recover from the landlord as much as three times the amount of the deposit wrongfully withheld, a $100.00 in statutory damages and attorney’s fees incurred in pursuing the return of that deposit.

Lease and Sales Documents

The Cronfel Firm drafts commercial and residential leases and sales documents including, but not limited to warranty deeds and quitclaim deeds.


Easement issues can be complicated and confusing. The Cronfel Firm has experience resolving easment issues and can help you understand and address them quickly and with minimal hassel.